An Unforgettable Sunset On An Old Runway

A few weeks ago two photographers reached out to us through Instagram, saying they would like to do a shoot with us. Their message was so sweet and their Instagram account so beautiful, that we had a very good feeling about this photo shoot.
We decided to ignore the fact that we feel super awkward in front of cameras. Mimi genuinely hates being photographed, or even worse, being filmed, and I feel just like an idiot having no idea what to do with my face… my hands… and my whole body.

Photo shoot at the aircraft

Less than a week later, they were having doing a wedding shoot in Berlin. We decided to meet during that weekend. We agreed that they should choose the location, and it happened to be at the Tempeflhofer Feld. For all the non-Berliners out there; it is an abandoned airport that is now used as a park where people are free to hang out, run, bike, and grill.



One bottle wine later

We met at the park in the early evening, and started discussing everything while sharing a bottle of wine. It could have been weird because they were total strangers to us, but we really clicked immediately! These adorable ladies were Maria and Linda. They were super easy going and funny, and as the bottle became emptier, we were getting more and more excited for the upcoming photo-shoot.

Go time

The four of us chatted until sunset, and then it came time to forget about being camera-shy. It was also time to ignore all the other park-goers. And then, guess what? Magic happened! We didn’t feel awkward at all and we totally forgot about the bystanders. It was just the two, oh right… four of us in the park. The sky was gorgeous, the city calm, love was in the air, and everything just felt natural.

We did it

Once the session was over, we unfortunately said our goodbyes, but what a fantastic feeling! We put ourselves out there and felt strong and proud about it. What is there to be proud of? We faced our fears and stepped out of our comfort zones.

Maria and Linda

Special thanks to Linda and Maria for this opportunity. Your passion, talent, amazing work, and friendship, felt more than authentic. We are so honoured to have met you, and we couldn’t be happier with how you captured us together in your photographs. 
We hope you enjoy the pictures of this special moment as much as we do. You can find all of Maria & Linda’s beautiful work by clicking here.
All Credits to Maria and Linda 

The day she’s going to be the mother of my child

I never wanted to be a mom. It always felt like it wasn’t something for me. I had nothing against kids, but I always thought I wouldn’t be good at it. I only saw all the inconvenience. Same sex parenting or not. And then I met her.

The love of my life

We started dating, I fell deeply in love. Our relationship became stronger and stronger and we suddenly couldn’t imagine any future without each other. I quickly realized that she was the one for me, the love of my life. I would have done anything for her, for us. Time passed and with my growing feelings came new desires.

New desires

The two strong desires I had never had with anybody: wedding & kids. I was the most surprised, believe me! But what made everything easier was the fact that she felt exactly the same. She was never into long relationships and never wanted to have kids or be married.

Zoé reading with Mimi’s little sister Matilda

She was always a spontaneous woman, a free spirit. But she fell in love with me the same way I did. She wanted to build something strong with me, a long lasting engagement and she smiled every time she talked about our potential wedding. She seemed so happy to see herself with me and even with a little us.

New adventures

We started to talk more and more about it. And then I proposed to her. We decided to quit our jobs in Berlin to start to travel all over the world. And here we are, abroad, ready for adventure.

I can’t help thinking about another kind of adventure. I can’t stop this beautiful movie playing in my mind: the love of my life giving birth to our child. How amazing must that feel? I know it will be the greatest day of my life.

I see her in our home, holding this little piece of life. My heart is burning from joy and happiness, the tears are running on my cheeks and the smile on my face almost hurts.

Not our actual wedding – Credits Galerie Lilou

Written by Zoé

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The day we met: first date

After many romantic let-downs I finally had a date with someone who seemed to be perfect for me. If you want to know the whole truth it was actually…. a Tinder date. There you go, I said it! The T-Word. Not exactly the rom-com love story you dream about telling your grandchildren, but I suppose that’s how our society works these days. It’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of though. Online dating is just a modern tool for meeting people in our increasingly busy and loud world. It definitely doesn’t define you, or the love story you’re going to create. The magic often comes later.


So damn nervous

I was nervous that day, so damn nervous. To calm down before our date I had to go for a run. Unfortunately, it didn’t help much. I went to work in the afternoon but I couldn’t think about anything else. As I took the subway my heart started beating faster and faster. When I arrived at the bar I opened the door and immediately saw her. As I walked toward her I tried to hide my stress and be cool. She did the same, but she was way better at it than I was!

Blind date

This wasn’t a typical blind date – my friend Dana was organizing a pop up in a vegan café and I thought it would be a unique first meeting. My mysterious date was alone and I arrived with friends. Our table was full of different people from all over the world, the atmosphere was casual, and we almost didn’t talk to each other at first. I guess it was my subconscious strategy to hide my nerves.

We had delicious vegan Mexican food and white wine. Even though she was sitting next to me I couldn’t bring myself to start a conversation. She talked to my friends, I talked to my other friends… I honestly felt like a teenager. The voice in my head kept saying, “Come on girl, this isn’t your first date, you’ve been through this, you can do it!” but the nerves kept winning.


The wine helped

A few hours later some of my friends were leaving and everyone was hugging her like they had known each other forever, but I still hadn’t talked to her. I tried to flirt in a sneaky way by ordering her another glass of wine. She was surprised but she smiled at me, so I kept ordering.

As the evening passed, there were fewer and fewer people. I became increasingly tipsy and because of my flirtatious wine ordering, she seemed to be in the same condition. It gave me more courage so I started to talk to her more and more. There were just four people left by that time and I decided to hold her hand – she let me get closer.

The last of my friends decided to go home, leaving us alone. Just the two of us. Finally! I couldn’t stop smiling. Her blue eyes, her red lips, the music, the magic of the night… So I mustered up the courage and just kissed her.

First kiss

What an incredible feeling… Our lips met for the first time and we couldn’t bring ourselves to end it. We couldn’t stop, we instantly forgot about everyone else in the bar, and that people might see and judge us. We didn’t care, we were in our own world, and what a wonderful world it was.

“Hey you lost your wallet”

After a while we were the two only people left in the bar. The bar keepers actually wanted to close up but we didn’t even realize it. Once they let us know we left and continued kissing outside. We walked hand in hand and some guy shouted something at us. We didn’t pay attention because we’re used to getting sexist and/or homophobic comments in the street.

He kept yelling and I finally understood that he was trying to help; Mimi’s wallet had fallen on the ground as we were walking. Was she distracted by her feelings or by the alcohol? Probably both. We laughed and felt grateful. The loss of her purse could have really ruined the night.

Last drink or goodbye?

She asked which bus I was taking home and when the bus came, she followed me onto it. We were getting closer to my apartment and I still didn’t know if I should invite her for a last drink – I didn’t.

I kissed her goodbye and bravely went home. I thought she had done the same. She had been living with her mother at the time, not far from Berlin. Months later, I found out that she had to wait three hours at the train station because there were no trains until morning! She knew that would be the case so I was shocked and asked her why she spent the night with me, instead of leaving the bar in time to catch the last train. She said she didn’t want to miss out on one second with me. That it could have been 5,6,7,8 hours, or even 2 days: she would have done the same thing…

That’s the woman I met that night. The woman I fell in love with.


Written by Zoé



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