The day she’s going to be the mother of my child

I never wanted to be a mom. It always felt like it wasn’t something for me. I had nothing against kids, but I always thought I wouldn’t be good at it. I only saw all the inconvenience. Same sex parenting or not. And then I met her.

The love of my life

We started dating, I fell deeply in love. Our relationship became stronger and stronger and we suddenly couldn’t imagine any future without each other. I quickly realized that she was the one for me, the love of my life. I would have done anything for her, for us. Time passed and with my growing feelings came new desires.

New desires

The two strong desires I had never had with anybody: wedding & kids. I was the most surprised, believe me! But what made everything easier was the fact that she felt exactly the same. She was never into long relationships and never wanted to have kids or be married.


Zoé reading with Mimi’s little sister Matilda

She was always a spontaneous woman, a free spirit. But she fell in love with me the same way I did. She wanted to build something strong with me, a long lasting engagement and she smiled every time she talked about our potential wedding. She seemed so happy to see herself with me and even with a little us.

New adventures

We started to talk more and more about it. And then I proposed to her. We decided to quit our jobs in Berlin to start to travel all over the world. And here we are, abroad, ready for adventure.

I can’t help thinking about another kind of adventure. I can’t stop this beautiful movie playing in my mind: the love of my life giving birth to our child. How amazing must that feel? I know it will be the greatest day of my life.

I see her in our home, holding this little piece of life. My heart is burning from joy and happiness, the tears are running on my cheeks and the smile on my face almost hurts.


Not our actual wedding – Credits Galerie Lilou

Written by Zoé

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February 11, 2018



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    February 19, 2018

    I feel so happy for you two! I’ts absolutly amazing that you are not afraid to take the next step because your relationship ist so strong. I hope someday i will find my soulmate like you did. All the best for you!
    Love Anna 💕

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      February 19, 2018

      You’re the sweetest!! Well it’s not going to be that soon but yes we really want to! & we really hope you’ll find your soulmate dear Anna, everyone deserves to find the right person… have a fabulous girl! xx

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