The day they shot us.

Same sex marriage : a divided population

France, November 2012. The government is finally determined to allow marriage for homosexuals. The countries population is divided : open minded people versus the others.

A huge organization comes out of nowhere and decides to do anything in their control to stop the law. Their members consider homosexuality as an illness, gay people as perverse. They want to protect children from them. You see them everywhere on the news saying „if we let them marry, what’s next? Marriage with animals?“

The fight between hate and hope

They did demonstrations. A lot of demonstrations. And it wasn’t just an isolated group of people. They were between 100 000 and 200 000 every time. And we had enough. We had to do something. So we met up the same day they did. To just be there and show our existence, our voice. Some friends and I hid our rainbow flags and decided to go on the other side, just to have a quick look, to see who these people insulting us were.


A bunch of riot police vans separated the two groups, but we made it across small streets. And we suddenly landed in another world. In another time. I held my girlfriend’s hand and kissed her in the front of all of them. They started to yell and pushed us. I will never forget their looks. A man said one of my friends was a witch and deserved to burn. The same friend asked a little girl, too young to read the placards she was holding, if she knows why she’s there. The girl replied „I don’t know, I just do what mummy tells me to do“. We ran away. We crossed the police line again and came back to our world. It was such a relief : colors everywhere, happiness on everyones faces. Hope.

Never give up

Later we ended at a place called „le Capitole“, the symbol of the city. We couldn’t resign ourselves to let them arrive there. We resisted the riot squad, remained peaceful and we tried to negotiate. They charged, threw tear gas bombs, attacked us with baton guns. The whole place was full of smoke, everyone was screaming. It looked like a civil war.

I’ll never forget this day. We just wanted to be treated like human beings. Not like monsters or perverts. Was is too much asked?

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January 1, 2018


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