Places to eat in Berlin : our top 10

A good place for us is more than just having good food, it’s also about the feeling you leave with. The smile the waiter gave you. The love you found in every corner of the location. The crumbles of tasty food you still have on the corner of your mouth. The smell of creative and ethical food that follows you when you close the door. Berlin has a lot of places like that and we are gonna tell you which ones are our favorite.

1) Place to take

After a huge deception this first place is to take! We would be happy to hear all your recommendations 😉

2) Con tho

Warning! Amazing restaurant! Well to be honest our first time there was a very particular day for us, very emotional and an important day in our relationship. So it could be biased to say it was fantastic… BUT we went there again, and again, without any particular reason and felt the same each time. In Con tho you first notice that the menu is extremely interesting and more than affordable. At this point we thought it was too good (or too cheap) to be true. But then the meals came. We suddenly felt like we were in a fancy expensive restaurant. It looked just amazing. And the taste? Even better! Each starter we ordered was tasty, fresh and creative. You should definitely give it a try!

3) Seoul Kitchen

I don’t know about you but we LOVE Korean Food! The idea of a good bibimbap makes us so excited. Every single time. So here is one of our favorite Korean restaurant in Berlin : Seoul Kitchen.

Located in the heart of Friedrichshain and a few meters from the vegan mall it is a strategic place to visit during your stay in Berlin. Take a seat, make yourself comfortable and ask for a tofu bibimbap without egg. When your meal arrives : relax and enjoy the crackling of the hot pan while observing the vitality of the Warschauer Street through the window. The friendliness of the staff makes the atmosphere even better. They also have Japanese food so if you have space for a starter (and you should) try their avocado maki : out of this world.

4) Hummus and friends

It’s crazy how every single place on this list reminds me of all the dates Mimi and I had together. Each one corresponds to a particular moment of our relationship, all so special.. But that’s another story! This restaurant has „hummus“ in it’s name, do I need to say more? ? Traditional hummus, roasted cauliflower, baked eggplant, good wine, nice atmosphere… Convinced?

5) Markhalle neun : street food Tuesday

Once a week the Markhalle neun in Kreuzberg host a great street food market with a lot of different stands from all over the world. You can find a lot of different plant based options and it is difficult to choose one unique meal. Our strategy: go around the market and make a list of our favorite. Then we’ll pick the three best and share all of them with each other. And then we’ll select one or two desserts. With all these flavors you always go home with the feeling you just had a world tour through your mouth!

6) Valladares

What a cute vegan place! Super nice employees, nice atmosphere and delicious meals. What more could we ask for? We really liked the chili sin carne and the Tarte flambée. You can also find pulled jackfruit burger, lasagnes and burritos,… The back area is like a grandma’s living room with comfy armchairs so you can enjoy a hot drink while reading a good book on a rainy afternoon. Need one more reason to go there? They have a cute delicatessen shop with good products for fair prices.

7) Jivamukti Canteen

We found this place by accident and love it every time we have visited! The atmosphere is relaxing, the location (hidden in a backyard) is beautiful. What can you get there? A lot of healthy smoothies and juices, awesome sandwiches, delicious hot drinks, raw desserts, sugar free desserts, soups and much more! The perfect secret place to have a cozy healthy moment in Berlin!

8) Let it be

Let it be is a cozy vegan restaurant you can find near to the Sonnenallee, in the area of Neukölln. The perfect place to eat delicious crepes & burgers and enjoy your time with friends & good beer! The staff are super friendly, the atmosphere warm and the location creative. Give it a go!

9) Neni/Monkey bar

This beautiful restaurant located on a rooftop has a colorful Middle Eastern menu with some delicious vegan dishes. You can order some Lebanese and Syrian specialities like fresh falafels with mint and tahin, smoked eggplant purée with pita bread, oven roasted bell pepper, nuts and pomegranate syrup, three different types of hummus, chickpea salat,… Sounds good right? The view of the city you have from the 10th floor is really beautiful and makes your time there even more special. Top Tip: go in the evening when the sky is dark and the lights of the West City are on.

10) 1990

1990 is a Vietnamese vegan place next to the Boxhagenerplatz, in the heart of Friedrichshain. On the menu you can find a lot of starters to share with your date, friends or with yourself…sharing is not always caring, right? The food and presentation are really good, the staff kind and thoughtful.

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January 1, 2018



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    January 26, 2018

    Woooow, was für mega coole Restaurants/Cafés ihr da empfohlen habt. Ich als alte Berlinerin kannte nur die Hälfte 🙂 Danke Ihr zwei Süßen :-* Liebste Grüße, Elisa (piselli44 insta)
    Ps: Der neuste Post bzgl. Housesitting ist ja mal überragend – Wahnsinn was es alles gibt! Das war mir noch gar nicht bekannt. Aber ganz ehrlich, euch Zwei Lieben kann man auch nur blind vertrauen! Ich drück euch!

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      January 26, 2018

      Duuuu süße!! Es freut uns so sehr was du da sagst ☺️ dann hoffentlich wirst du die alle ausprobieren! & ja Housesitting ist unglaublich, es gibt’s in so viele verschiedene Länder und es macht so viel Spaß! Jedenfalls vielen lieben Dank für dein Feedback ❤️

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