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EDIT November 2018: we’re working full time again and are having our flat back in Berlin so we’re having a break : )

You’d love to eat more whole foods but you don’t have the motivation to start by yourself? You wish you could try all the good food you see on instagram but you don’t know how to have the same result? You want to try new meals without giving all your money to restaurants? You have a spare room & love to meet new people?

How it works

We come to your place, with our smiles and favorite recipes and we become your personal vegan chefs! We’ll cook for you, in exchange for a place to sleep. Breakfast, lunch or dinner : we are flexible, it’s up to you! If you loved a meal and want to know our secret we’ll be happy to show you how to reproduce our special dishes.

Our values

Show kindness always, promote healthy living, live ethically, have fun, inspire and be inspired, meet locals, experience that which money can’t buy, live authentically. We want to travel the world and connect with people at the same time. We would like to share our knowledges and skills.

If you want to know more about it, free to get in touch with us via  or here :


You can find some of our favorite recipes right here!

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