Paris is going vegan

Last time we came to Paris was in summer 2016 visiting our friends and their kids for a few days. We spent a lovely time in their wonderful 17° district and enjoyed the sunny days in the French capital. We went to some restaurants but we really felt the difference to our very vegan friendly city Berlin. The organic shops we could find didn’t have so many plant based options and the French culture seems to be very skeptical about health, ecological and ethical choices.


Paris changed


Black sesame and charcoal pastry

This year, after different house sits (cf our blog post about house sitting) in Europe we decided to visit Paris again and spent a week with a friend of ours. This time we noticed a huge evolution of veganism. We could find plenty of vegan places and plant based options as well as organic shops everywhere. It gave us hope about the future.

On the other hand we made the same observation as in Milan: there is apparently a massive trend of fur hoods and it hurt our hearts to see them everywhere we walked.


We couldn’t explore that much of the city because of the winter-coming back. The temperature wasn’t that cold but the wind was freezing our faces every time we walked more than 5 minutes. Too bad, we were really excited to explore the city by foot enjoying the beginning of Spring. Next time for sure!


The shops we preferred

Jay & Joy

An all vegan creamery. You heard me right: homemade vegan cheese heaven. Here you can find  French cheese classics like Camembert or other great items like Foie Gras and yoghurt.


Vegan cheese and foie gras platter we made in Paris

The staff are very friendly and welcoming, you can try all the products you want. We found the prices very affordable for such quality, cheeses are around 5 Euro each and are made of almonds or cashews. The packaging is very pretty and the products, delicious. It makes the perfect French souvenir to bring back home or to spoil yourself with.

You also have a great choice of vegan products from other countries. Their kitchen is open, it is fascinating to see how they produce it, it almost looks the same as a real dairy operation.

As we waited to pay we had a very nice moment speaking to a journalist about veganism in France, mentioning my story and relationship/addiction with cheese. I also told him about the journey of my father, ex farmer/cheese maker who recently turned vegan and is open to making vegan cheese after I gave him a great blender and a vegan cheese recipe book from France.

Aujourd’hui, demain


An all vegan stylish store in France: what a revolution. The two owners wanted to create a place where other vegans can find all they need in the same store. Clothes, shoes, bags, groceries, café also serving lunch meals.


The first impression we had was perfect: great playlist in the store (Kendrick Lamar), the location is organized and decorated with taste, they have beautiful clothes made with nice materials, a large choice of food products, a very interesting menu and cakes. We also had a lot of fun in the photo booth, instantly printing photos onto recycled paper, and generated by green power. What a great and exemplary idea!



Probably the most beautiful organic store we know. They have a lot of of vegan options, delicious vegan cheese, exotic veggies (photo), bulk containers,..



This organic shop has a large choice of vegan products: we even found a gluten free vegan pizza. A victory for us since we never found them in Berlin. They also sell the Jay & Joy cheeses.

To do

-eat vegan pastries in Vg Patisserie



-enjoy hype clean eating in Wild & the Moon



-devour decadent vegan pizza or burgers at Hank

-spend time in an atypical café by the water: Le Pavillon Des Canaux

-walk along the Canal St Martin, the favorite place of Amelie in the famous movie

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-discover Veggie Town 




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    Samantha Faloon

    March 12, 2018

    Amazing! So glad there are vegan options in Paris. I love this city but worried how I’d stick to my new diet on the next visit! Thanks for your post 🙂

    • Reply


      March 13, 2018

      Hi there! Yes we were so surprised too! You won’t any problem finding vegan options there 🙂 not everywhere as in a city like Berlin but in many different restaurants, cafés and organic stores. Enjoy your trip dear Samantha! Thank you so much for your kind comment xx

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