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There are so many things we love about Netflix : the high quality of image, the subtitles, the absence of advertisements, the concept of a cosy chillin’ night with food and good company and… the extremely good shows. We’ve binged on a lot of them, trust us. We have to admit : after three years of being in a relationship, we’re totally that kind of lazy couple who can’t stand hangovers anymore and prefer to spend the evening under the blanket with nachos, guacamole and cuddles. Into this kind of stuff? Here are our ten favorites and you really have to try them all. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we did!

1) Sense 8

Sense 8 is out of this world, and I mean in a good way. We don’t know any other show like this one. It is all about a group of people who are mentally and emotionally connected. They don’t know each other and each is in a different place in the world but they all learn how to communicate and help each other in the most irrational and powerful way.

Saying that the directors of it are the Wachowski sisters (not a big deal, they just made the Matrix trilogy) could maybe give you a clue to the greatness of the production. But that still isn’t enough. If you really want to understand what we mean you truly need to watch it, and not just the pilot. You have to go deeper and deeper, to know the characters better and then, the magic happens.

You’re going to smile, cry, laugh, you’re going to be mad, anxious, surprised, hypnotized. So please, don’t lose more time now : watch the whole first season and don’t forget to tell us what you think about it!

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2) Black Mirror

Oh Black Mirror, you have our hearts. This anthology of series is going to play with your brain and you’re going to ask for more! You discover through all, the creative and dark high tech innovations of our society, the different visions of our future. Each episode is totally different to any other, you can watch them in whatever order you want. One thing is very important : don’t build your opinion of the show just on the first episode. You might first think what the hell am I watching here. But the pilot is not representative at all*. You need to go deeper and to give the next episode a go, and then the next one, and the one after… You won’t regret it, we promise.

*not that this episode is bad, not at all, but the scenario might shock some people.

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3) The OA

This show is a hypnotic and enigmatic wonder. We couldn’t take our eyes off it, we didn’t miss a second. It all starts with the Come Back of the previously blind Prairie Johnson after having gone missing seven long years. She is not only mysteriously back in her family: she can also see again. Nobody understands this miracle and some people are worried about her new abilities. She recruits five local people and embarks on a secret mission. Be patient, she is going to tell you her story and you’re probably not ready for it. We weren’t.

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4) Stranger Things

A night of November 1983, in a fictitious town in Indiana, young Will mysteriously vanished. His family and friends tried everything to find him and have to confront supernatural forces and government secrets to get him back. Strangers Things is probably one of the most famous shows on Netflix, you probably already heard of it, you probably even already watched every episode of it. But for those of you who still didn’t give it a go: trust us, it is worth it, especially if you like Stephen King kind of things. The young actors are extremely talented and the production is high quality. It’s funny, scary, exciting, emotional. The full package, right?

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5) Orange is the new black

You probably don’t need us to convince you to watch this already super famous show. Based on a true story it gives a totally new perspective of life in a women prison. Finally a great show for all the women who love other women. I mean, nothings happened since the L Word you know. It’s been ages! We needed something new to binge on. If you don’t feel concerned : don’t panic. It isn’t all about same sex romance and this show is definitely for the greater public. We would recommend it to anyone, no matter the gender or sexual orientation. This is well written, perfectly acted, hilarious and emotional at the same time.

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6) Dark

The only German show on the list! And what a great one. Often called “the German Stranger Things” you will slowly forget to compare the commonalities. The disappearance of children in a mysterious small town exposes the secrets of four different families that span three generations. This supernatural thriller is going to blow your mind. You’ll probably have to pause the programme to clear your thoughts and understand the chronology of the plot.

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7) Orphan Black

The life of Sarah Manning suddenly turns upside down the day she witnesses the suicide of a woman who looks exactly the same as her. She starts to investigate and falls into a dizzying conspiracy. Her quest for truth and freedom threatens her life and the safety of her daughter. The dangerous innovations of science through cloning, leaves us questioning human dignity and identity with suspense and humor.

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8) Bates Motel

Remember the Hitchcock classical “Psycho”? Bates Motel is the contemporary prequel of it. The fascinating narration of Norman Bates’ teenage years, his deep relationship to his mother and the intriguing old Motel where they live is probably not going to leave you unscathed.

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9) Gypsy

Therapist Jean Holloway is playing with the mind of her patients and taking advantage of them for her own interest. But the manipulation and control of lives has consequences. Lesbian alarm : finally some very interesting scenes on a Netflix show, and with Naomi Watts and Sophie Cookson involved: you can’t ignore it. Disclaimer: Netflix unfortunately cancelled the show so you won’t have more than the first season to binge. Sh*t happens.

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10) How to get away with murder

Binge alarm! A group of law students and their charismatic criminal defense professor suddenly become involved in the mysterious murder plot of a young girl. Each episode is about another law case the group is trying to solve and in parallel the background murder they are a part of. Be careful, you’ll probably trust the wrong people and learn that appearances are often deceptive.

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Need some more?

The Sinner

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[arve url=”” title=”Easy” /]

The Killing

[arve url=”″ title=”The Killing” /]


[arve url=”” title=”Awake” /]

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January 21, 2018



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    Luisa Reis

    January 21, 2018

    You guys should watch House of Paper. It’s a spanish series, but I’m sure you’ll love it if you loved all the above! 🙂

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      January 22, 2018

      Oh we wanted to watch it!! So now you give us a reason more! Thanks 🙂

    • Reply

      Zoë Wells

      January 22, 2018

      Oh we wanted to watch it!! So now you give us a reason more! Thanks 🙂

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