Instagram VS Reality: a yearlong nightmare

Repost after being deleted

You’ve been following our travels and you keep telling us how lucky we are and that you wish you could do the same… Well, let us tell you something: it’s not as perfect as it looks. We had to wait and bite our tongues before we could tell you the whole story. Of course our lives look perfect online, and it’s not that we want to be dishonest, but real life isn’t always a pretty picture of delicious vegan food and adorable apartments

Mimi in our apartment

So what the heck happened this past year?

We met an evil person. A kind of person who has so much trouble in her own mind, that hurting and stealing from others is actually easy, and fun for her. This woman ruined our lives this year. She brainwashed us. She manipulated us, she took our money, and traumatized us.

Long Story Kinda-Short

We wanted to leave Berlin for a few months, looking for freedom and adventure. We planned to spend time in Australia and decided to rent our flat to someone while we were away for a year. Finding an apartment in Berlin is a real challenge and we didn’t want to lose ours by giving up our lease. We absolutely adored our flat. So we left all our furniture in there and put an ad online.

We organized viewings, we met with young international couples through a flat renting website, and then we met one German woman from a Facebook group. She was super nice and seemed very trustworthy, she took advantage of our kindness, and managed to give us only few documents and skip the very important ones. She introduced us to her mother, she gave us little gifts before our travels, those kinds of little things that bad people can do to set you up and screw you over later.

We felt extremely happy that we had found someone so reliable to rent our flat, and so we left to start our travels in France. After two months we noticed that her payments were late. Then she paid twice and later, she just paid half of the rent. So of course, I asked her about it. We didn’t have any income at the time so it was a very uncomfortable situation for us. Since we still had to pay the landlord every month, our savings started to run out.

I called her and said that we could end our contract sooner than planned if the rent had become too expensive for her, and that she would just have to be honest about her financial situation. We were still in Europe and could definitely find a solution. She pretended that everything was fine and that there was probably just a mix-up at her bank.

We waited, but the money never showed up, so a few days after I asked again. She then blocked us on Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram, and didn’t pay us any money at all.

Nomadic renting

To this day she still owes us more than 6000 Euros. This is what people call “nomadic renting”. Choosing a nice and expensive flat, living there for free, and then vanishing without a trace when caught.

She had been lying to us the whole time. She came up with the craziest stories and even refused to leave our flat after receiving notice from our lawyer, she forced us to give her OUR set of keys, threatening to change the lock if we didn’t, and that we would have to pay for it too. How ridiculous?!

We were stressed out every single day. We had no idea what to do. It had a negative impact on our relationship as well. We cried and we argued often. Every single word and threat from her was making us sick to our stomachs. We gave up our Australian dream and stayed in Europe just to closer to Berlin, in case she would freak out and burn down our flat, for example.

House sitting saved us

Thankfully during this awful experience we discovered house sitting, and could still to afford to travel through Europe because we had free accommodation and cheap flights. After almost one year of this we decided to go back to Berlin to find jobs as quickly as possible. We finally stopped believing her lies and accepted that we would never get our money back.

In the meantime

And what did that evil con-artist do? She treated herself to a damn vacation to Korea, had the best time of her life, got a new tattoo… Then she came back to Berlin, ate at restaurants, and did all the lovely things you can afford to do when you have an extra 6000 Euros in your pocket. Lucky her.

In the meantime we were asking friends and family to lend us money. We lived for free though house sitting, but had to start new jobs in order to pay HER bills.

Today on the 1st of July, after exactly one year in our flat, she upped and disappeared. Her plan, according to what she’s proudly sharing with the internet, is to move to London and Korea with all the money she saved because we had been paying her rent and utilities this whole time.

Two important things

We could expose her, we could show you all the evidence we have, but the point of this post is to share with you these two essential pieces of advice:

1.Don’t blindly trust anyone. People don’t have the same upbringing, the same mental health, the same values, or the same intentions as you do. We try not to be cynical, negative or mistrusting, but the truth is that we need to be more vigilant.

2.Keep in mind that social media is only a PART of people’s lives, but it’s definitely not an accurate representation of their ENTIRE lives. It is a filtered version. We are always authentic, we are what we show you, but we choose to not share all the dark times and sad moments online. We want to inspire, not complain. It’s definitely possible to inspire by sharing all the rough stuff through deep and intense content, and we enjoy a few Instagram accounts that do, but that’s just not how we want to do it on our own platform.

With all of that stress on top of our new jobs, we didn’t really feel like sharing a lot on the Internet. So we are sorry for our absence – our lives will hopefully get back to normal soon. We hope you’re all doing well. Take care, and have a great summer!



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    July 9, 2018

    Mes Chéries!!! Je suis de tout coeur avec vous!!!
    Je vous envoie toutes mes meilleures ondes et tout le courage dont vous avez besoin!!!!
    I LOVE YOU <3

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      September 11, 2018

      Ma Sylvie! Merciii! Tu nous manques!

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