The happy vegan café: Lone Wolves Organics

As soon as you enter this cute vegan café you can feel the love all around the place. Not only the love between the two owners Sam and Lois, but also the passion they put into their work. The decoration is charming, the good vibes are in every piece of the walls and last but not least: the menu is creative, healthy and delicious.

Good vibes

We felt like we were near the ocean, somewhere in Australia, ordering a refreshing juice after a surf session. The weather and the lovely British accent of the owners quickly reminded us we were in the U.K. Their friendliness gave us such a perfect impression of the place.

We have been to so many different restaurants and cafés and the menu was never the real reason why we wanted to come back. There are plenty of cafés with huge potential but to us the negative attitude of some of them ruined everything. No matter how good the meals or drinks might be.

Lone Wolves Organics is one of the places where you instantly feel good. Sam and Lois don’t pretend: their smiles and amazing aura show you how welcome you really are.

Delicious food and drinks

But what about the food? We loved it! Our favourite for breakfast: a delicious avocado brazil nut pesto bagel – or a delicious gluten free bread instead.

The menu also offers different fresh juices, healthy shots and smoothies. The hot drinks contains clean ingredients and superfoods like maca, lucuma… The lunch menu is rotating and you find for example a ramen soup, thai coconut noodles soup, chana palak. You can also enjoy some sweet treats like banana bread or a peanut butter raisin bagel.

Their instagram account and website show perfectly the good stuff you can find here, so don’t hesitate to check it out. If you’re living or traveling in Essex you should definitely visit this beautiful and happy place. We personally can’t wait to come back again and try the items on their menu we don’t already know.

To the lovely Sam and Lois: thank you for your warm welcome guys, keep up the great work, it has been a pleasure to meet you.

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