Happy birthday to the love of my life

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This girl kind of didn’t want to be thirty.


‘I need to say bye to the wildness of the twenties and hello to the adult age’, she probably thought.


I kept saying to her ‘thirty is to me the most beautiful age for a woman’. Not that I know what it is like since I’m younger than her. But with all the love and admiration I have for women I think I’m allowed to have an opinion on it.


Every age is beautiful on a woman. Every year, every month, every day, every minute. I might even tell her ‘forty is to me the me the most beautiful age for a woman’ when she starts to freak out being thirty-nine. I will genuinely mean it.

But today she, the love of my life, turned thirty.

Jasmin, or Mimi as you might know her, is the most beautiful and kind person I know. She is brave, generous and has a special ability to make everyone’s life better, she wakes up every morning with a big smile of gratitude on her face.

Love of my life

She makes me laugh a million times a day. I remember us at the beginning, dating for the first time. She asked me one day what I consider ‘my kind of girl’. I told her I like women who make me laugh and she said straight away ‘oh I can do that, I’m funny, I’m very funny you’ll see!’. We were both shy and didn’t know each other very well so I wasn’t sure if that was true. But god, she was right.


We got to know each other better and eventually felt confident being ourselves around one another. Being crazy, silly, ridiculous, weird. I think almost nobody gets to see how funny she really is. That’s kind of sad for the world I guess. I’m personally very lucky. I know that. Every day I feel so grateful for having her in my life, trying my best to not take it for granted. Who knows what will happen, I could lose her in so many ways. That’s why I always want her to feel special, to feel loved and respected.

My love, you are way too beautiful for this world. Thank you for everything you teach me, for all the wonderful lessons you don’t even know you have given me. I will always do my best to deserve you, to love you in the most respectful way. I will take care of you, of what we have and what we want to achieve. You make me be the best version of myself and I\’m beyond thankful for that.

I love you more than ever. Happy birthday!



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