How we saved 8000€ in 3 months, without any job.

As you may know, we both quit our jobs in Berlin in June 2017 and we decided to leave the city for at least a year. Both of us really needed fresh air and new experiences so we said good bye to our 9-5 and hello to freedom. We spent five wonderful months in France and England and after some mishaps we spontaneously decided to go back to Berlin for a few weeks. We wanted to sort some things out and to enjoy the Christmas holidays with our family and friends. So we’ve spent the three last months in our favorite City. We’ve always had our own places, in the best areas of Berlin like Mitte and Kreuzberg.

Our loft in Berlin, Kreuzberg.

We enjoy the cold but a cosy winter without spending a single euro on accommodations. Say whaaaat? You read me right. We lived in one house in England and in four beautiful apartments in Berlin, all of that for free. They weren’t flats from friends, we didn’t do any Couch Surfing and we didn’t get any sort of sponsors. So, you may ask how the hell did we do it? Is there any way to travel without paying any rent and still live in lovely places? Yes, and it’s a revolutionary way to wander. A very cheap, fun and spontaneous way to explore the world.

We are not going to maintain the suspense, here is our secret: House Sitting.

How it works

These two magic words design a very simple concept : some people want to go on vacations or to business trips but they don’t feel comfortable to always ask friends and family to take care of their pets. They sometimes can’t afford a pet sitter for their fur friends or they just need more than that. They need someone who doesn’t do it for the money. Someone who really cares. On the other hand you have people who want to travel but who can’t or don’t want to pay for hotels or air b&b. People who want to have their own places, with life in the walls, not always living in small and expensive rooms with free sample shampoos. So someone decided to mix these two groups of people together.

Mimi and Seigo in Berlin, Kreuzberg.

A life changer

This concept has a lot of benefits but the biggest one is definitely the financial aspect. For example we decided to compare the apartments and the house we lived in to very similar accommodations on air b&b, in the same areas. That’s how we estimate we saved 8000 euros doing 5 different house sits.

Eight thousand Euros….we couldn’t believe it. We already knew we were saving a lot of money but not that much. Accommodation is the biggest part of a travel budget and with this opportunity to have a free place to live we could afford to travel without any income. We’re also realistic and know that we’re going to need money very soon. We will apply somewhere because obviously one other money black hole is… food. More specifically for us, probably.

Visit of Mimi’s mum in Berlin, Kreuzberg.

Win win situation

One other thing we really like about House Sitting is that there is no money involved so that is a huge change in the type of communication and relationship. They know you really want to be there, not for the pay, because there is none, and you’re really happy to be there, to be able to travel and to take care of their fur family. Everyone is thankful and this win win situation just feels right.

Unique experience

You also get the chance to live in all kind of accommodations, from basic to unusual, exotic, luxurious, creative, cosy… It can be anything, and anywhere in the world. That’s a whole new way to travel. You’re not choosing the exact places of your dreams, most of the time you’re going where you find a good house sit and where your application was accepted. That’s how you discover places you would probably never have visited and in addition to that, these are the places where only locals live, not tourists. That to us is a way more authentic way to discover a country and it’s culture.

Our loft in Berlin, Kreuzberg.

Human connection

We also love the fact that you can connect with people. You might even find great friendship with some of them. We did. Our first house sit, or better said, destiny, brought us to Becky and Chiko, two awesome married vegan chicks, both very close friends of ours now. We are so thankful to have them in our lives and it would probably never have happened without House Sitting. Cheers.

Free time

House sitting is also a great opportunity for digital nomads and animal lovers. The pets love having you there, you can work on your laptop and also give them the love they need. If you’re not into staying home the whole day you’re still free to do what you want and to be back in the evening for example.

Mimi and Sam in Berlin, Mitte.

You could do the same

If you are interested in doing the same or if you’re just curious about the topic please tell us in the comments or by email and we would love to tell you more in another article. For example we could have a small beginners guide on how to get into this in a few simple steps.

Want to try it out? If you click on that link you get 20% of your one year membership.

Also, if you’re not registered on House Sitting websites but have pets you can contact us to know more about our references and availability. We would be honored to take care of your beloved fur family while you’re traveling.

You can find all our services here.

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