24 hours in Copenhagen: our favorite trip

Copenhagen.. Why not?

One day, looking at our work schedule we both noticed that we had booked a weekend off and we couldn’t remember why. So we decided to book a bus and hotel and to spend 24 hours in Copenhagen. Shortest trip of our lives! One day, one night, that’s it. Make the best out of it, they say.

What a bad beginning

We drove late in the evening, we arrived early in the morning, tired from the exhausting night on the bus and ferry. Saying it was a rainy day would be an understatement: it was a huge non stop rain shower.

But we were so happy to be there that we couldn’t care less about the weather. The most annoying fact was that we were totally underdressed and my shoes had holes. That meant I spent the whole day feeling like I was walking in a swimming pool. That is a disgusting and cold feeling. Also, my contact lenses reacted super weirdly and I suddenly saw the City with a smoky, white filter. My eyes suffered so badly, I really thought I would go blind – a big fear of mine, because my eyesight has been getting worse in a very worrying way for years. All of that just to say : this day could have been a total nightmare. But no, Copenhagen was such a nice and charming city that we forgot all about the negative aspects.

Food for the soul

Being totally wet from the rain we decided to quickly find a place to have breakfast and we chose 42 raw. What a great decision! If I had to summarize our visit in this vegan Café in one sentence it would probably be : best sandwich ever.. Just close your eyes and visualize a crispy toasted seeded bread filled with melted cheese, pesto and the creamiest avocado.

The rest of the day involved walking, without any plans, just to loose ourselves in this amazing city. We visited another nice Café and spent our time watching the rain through the windows, warming our hands with hot drinks and eating raw chocolate Mimi gave me with a love letter. Yes, we had our month anniversary on this day and we couldn’t help being cheesy.

We also visited a food market and fell in love with a ceramic crockery shop. One important thing for us is to never be afraid of wasting time by doing random things. We absolutely loved to walk around, to spend time in cafés, and even to watch danish cartoons with takeaway food in the bed of our hotel room.

Forget the sightseeings

I honestly can’t tell you the name of any museums or monuments in Copenhagen, and it doesn’t matter, at all – there are enough resources on the Internet or in books. To us, traveling should not be just about seeing the sights. It should be a collection of memories, laughter, feelings, smiles, experiences, not a stack of selfies in front of a tower. But that is of course our personal opinion, everyone is free to travel and to live the way they want.

Make it count

What we learned during these few hours in Denmark was that a good trip is based on mindset and the intention we have when arriving in a new place. We are the only ones who decide the color of the glasses we wear on our eyes. They can be grey, black, pink.. The outside just reflects the outside. With a heavy heart and negative mind a wonderful city can become an ugly one. With a light heart, positive thoughts and the right person by my side, this rainy day with wet feet and broken eyes became one of the best trips I have ever had. Remember that life is not about what happens to you, it’s what you make of it that counts.

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January 1, 2018


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