House sitting in Copenhagen


After our first trip to Copenhagen (cf our blog post here) we absolutely wanted to come again and to spend more time in Denmark. We fell in love with the incomparable prettiness of the city, the friendliness of the people and the hygge state of mind.


Back in Copenhagen

We’d been traveling without any income for months and our budget was getting lower every day. We never could afford it without house sitting. It gave us the opportunity to visit Copenhagen another time without paying for our accommodations (our blog post is right there).

We didn’t know how the neighbourhood and the apartment were, we only saw pictures of the two dogs we would be taking care of. We came one day in advance to meet the owners and the dogs. What awaited us there was a shock.

Four floors house for free: the joy of house sitting

The lovely family showed us the house and we couldn’t believe it. First floor: looking awesome, big modern kitchen (the most important for us!), nice minimalist furniture. But then we noticed there were stairs: a second floor. It looked gorgeous and we slowly understood what kind of house we were in. Not a banal one.


Trying to stay cool

We were trying to contain our joy. Then she brought us to the third floor, with the family’s bedrooms and the guest bedroom where we would sleep with our own bathroom. We looked through the window and had a view of the Opera and the whole city. Last but not least she showed us a fourth floor; every step we were feeling more and more shocked by all that luxury situated in the heart of the amazing city of Copenhagen. All of that free.


We didn’t show too much of our excitement, spent some time with the dogs, listened to all that we would need to know and left the house with our key. We walked a few meters in the night and finally could let our feelings out. I asked Mimi, ‘Can we please talk about what just happened?? Was that real?’. Second reaction: ‘damn that’s going to be a lot of cleaning’.


Worst night ever

We returned to our hostel and had the worst night ever with a young couple next to our bed. They couldn’t keep their hands off of each other and didn’t really care if their shared private experiences were disturbing anyone else in the room. But we didn’t really care, we were thinking of the house where we would be spending the next two beautiful weeks.

The next morning, we moved into the house; the family was already gone, so we got ourselves set up in our temporary new home.


Mim’s mum visited us and we showed her the villa, with her own fourth floor. She couldn’t believe it either. We all knew we would have a fabulous time together.


The first way we got to see the city was through our daily walks with the dogs; our neighbourhood was as perfect as our house: central, incredibly pretty, down by the water. We strolled alongside the boats, heard the seagulls, enjoyed the view of the city.


We had many bikes at our disposal and could discover the whole city without ever having to take public transport. Denmark is well known to be a bike country and it isn’t a myth: everyone rides a bicycle, so the road is perfectly designed for it. The perfect way to explore the city.

Travel on very low budget

Copenhagen is also famous for being expensive, but we managed to always find affordable shops and to keep buying organic groceries. The German supermarket Netto is everywhere and so we stayed on our very low travel budget. To give you an idea: in one week we spent 50 Euro per person, all inclusive. How is that possible?

  1. No rent because of our house sit.
  2. No public transport or bike costs.
  3. We paid for one boat trip only, no other touristy stuff: the City is beautiful enough to just walk around and enjoy our time without spending money.
  4. We didn’t eat out: we cooked a lot and bought organic groceries, healthy and cheap.

If you have any questions related to house sitting, travel, veganism or anything else: leave us a comment below and we’ll be happy to help!




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    Kerrie bissett

    February 20, 2019

    Hi Mimi and Zoe, how did you organise this housesit? We are looking for one as well in Copenhagen, where my daughter lives

    • Reply


      February 20, 2019

      Hi there! We found this house sit and all the other ones on
      More about that on our previous blog post
      Hope you’ll find something! If you have more questions don’t hesitate to contact us again 🙂 all the best xx

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