Berlin green market : the vegan paradise

If you weren’t sure til now that Berlin is the vegan paradise: we officially confirm that all the rumors were true. You can find a ton of restaurants, cafés, bars, shops, supermarkets and even… vegan markets in the capital! Indeed, every three months you can visit the awesome green market and enjoy a mix of street food, design, beauty products, live-music, cook shows…

Every market honors a season and one of our favorites is the winter market! What can you expect to see there? Christmas decorations and treats and comfort street food. There are also handmade present ideas, fashion stall and all of it fair trade and cruelty free. That, for us, is the perfect occasion to discover ethical products. A great way to try new food and to meet all the different owners of brands and restaurants in Berlin.

When? Every three months

Where? The location changes often , but the most recent is the Funkhaus, Nalepastraße 18

How much? 4 Euro and free for children under 12 y/o

More info on their website here

Wanna know why we’re both vegan? Find that out right here!


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