Bali, Baby!

For our second anniversary we decided to give ourselves a beautiful gift, and what better present than a romantic trip? We didn’t need much time to decide where to go. “Let’s go to paradise baby, Bali!”.

What my girlfriend didn’t know at this time was that I got her an engagement ring, and  I already ask her mother for her hand. To tell you a bit more about why I knew this would be so magical, I could mention that Mimi spent her childhood in different countries, traveling most of the time across Asia with her mother. I remembered her telling me about her memories in Bali- she was 6 years old she said her dream would be to live in Ubud when she was an adult. At this moment I thought “oh don’t tell me more darling, that’s where I’m gonna propose to you”.

Her special day

The day of our flights -three different ones- was also on Mimi’s birthday. It felt so special to celebrate her 29th birthday in Berlin, Paris, Guangzhou, and then finally Bali.

I tried to make her day unique by writing small notes for the team on the plane, I told them about her birthday and that it would be awesome if they could congratulate her. Then I gave the small paper note to the first French steward I saw on our way to Paris and hoped for the best. A few minutes after we took off the whole team came to our seats and started to congratulate her. They also give her a letter with congratulations from the airline. She didn’t expect it at all, her cheeks were so red and she couldn’t stop timidly smiling.

Birthday on a plane

On the second plane I did just the same. A Chinese steward kept coming to me to organize the surprise and it became increasingly harder to hide it. She was so cute and kind and at the same time she was everything but discreet. Mimi was concerned and asked me what she said to me. “Did she just ask you about a cake?”. I pretended it was all about the vegan meals I reserved for us. It worked, she believed me.

A few minutes after the passengers were all watching movies, all the monitors were suddenly interrupted for an announcement. “The cabin crew wishes a happy birthday to Jasmin….”. She turned red once again. The crew brought us Champagne and fancy first class cakes while singing her happy birthday. Then they asked us to follow them at the end of the plane to take pictures all together.

She got a love letter from me in every airport we landed, and received special gifts with each one.

Our engagement

Two days after Mimi’s Birthday was our anniversary and we rented a gorgeous villa in the jungle to celebrate the occasion. I was waiting for the perfect moment to drop my knee and ask her to marry me. In the beauty of the night, by candlelight, she said yes. Click here to read the story of our engagement.

For the love of food

Romance wasn’t the only reason for us to visit Bali though. If you know us a little bit, you should know we are two food lovers and Bali is not only a wonderful and romantic island but also a vegan paradise. We had big expectations and we weren’t disappointed at all! In a nutshell Bali is breathtaking landscapes, food heaven but also the land of smiles. We were shocked by the friendliness of the locals. We had already heard of it, and we were aware that that is a part of the tourism business BUT we could also feel that the people were deeply and truly kind. Every time we walked somewhere and met someone, our hearts were soaked in love.

More than 20 years after her childhood in Bali, Mimi said that Ubud had changed a lot. Tourism has grown so much that the center is polluted by traffic, the huge number of shops are treading on each other toes, and the tourists are teeming everywhere, even in the low season. But if you can ignore that, Ubud has a lot to offer, and I mean food, obviously. The crazy number of restaurants amazed us! The vegan and gluten free options were everywhere and it wasn’t that easy to choose where to go first.

Favorite restaurant in Ubud

After a few good restaurants we found our favorite and ate there twice a day. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you : Seeds of Life. I was a bit skeptical since I’m not the biggest fan of raw food but I have to say : they know how to do the magic. I’m drooling just thinking about the menu..

Believe me : I would fly to Bali just for this restaurant. I would eat there for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner. Every single day! That’s how great this place is. I really couldn’t find any negative points : the food is amazing, the location is lovely, the staff are the nicest and cutest on Earth.

As soon as you leave the bubbly center you can very quickly find calmer and peaceful areas, with rice fields, quiet streets, yoga centers, artists shops… We were, for example, very surprised to end up at a wonderful guest house with a swimming pool and cute bungalows only a few meters from the busiest crossroads.


We spent a few days in Ubud and decided to quickly move to Canggu, only one hour away. This hyped up part of Bali, full of health shops and restaurants, is the surfers paradise, the Instagram dream. It felt like a mini Australia.

Our Peloton addiction

We enjoyed the beach and of course, the plenty of vegan restaurants we found there. Our favorite spot in Canggu was without any doubt Peloton. One of our hotels was a few meters from there and we ate there almost every day, sometimes twice a day…The food was always tasty and colorful, the location so beautifully decorated and the staff excellent.

Like every restaurant in Bali they offer a take away service and only use plastic free materials. This restaurant is a near-perfect jewel and it is absolutely forbidden to visit Canggu without going there at least once. You’ve been warned!

Because of the traffic we decided not to drive a scooter ourselves – even though everybody does – and we didn’t explore the rest of Bali that much. We definitely plan to see more rice fields next time and to travel to the Gili islands & Nusa Penida. Dear Bali, we’ll be back, very soon.

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January 1, 2018
January 1, 2018


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