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Vegan activism

Our first contact with vegan activism was during our trip to England, where our very good friends Becky & Chiko live. They are both huge animal lovers and have been vegans for 10 years and have a loooot of experience regarding animal rescue and activism. One day, they suggested to drive a few miles North to join a local Save Movement during one of their actions. Some of you may wonder, what’s the Save Movement? They are a worldwide organization who bear witness to different farmed animals on the way to slaughter.

Harder than we thought

We had heard of it many times but still didn’t know how it really felt to be there. Our friends warned us and said that it is really heartbreaking and that we shouldn’t forget our tissues. We thought we would be tougher, we thought we wouldn’t cry and we were so naïve..

What is the Save Movement?

The Save Movements are all around the world and are all different. This one was organized in communication with the slaughterhouse, which means that the trucks drivers were aware of our presence and stopped every time for a few minutes. We were allowed to approach the pigs and to film them, but it was forbidden to touch them or to give them water. Why? Because of hygiene reasons. In case we would contaminate them. Because they were property.

We didn’t expect that

The first truck came, all the activists went to the windows and started to talk to the pigs. Just imagine the scene: tiny trucks for huge pigs, all squashed, starving, stuck in their own excrement, looking at you with the most pure and innocent eyes and just wanting to live… We told them how much we are sorry, again and again… Writing this the tears come back to my eyes.

The only question on my mind was : “Why the hell does society treat rapists, pedophiles and murderers better than the most innocents being on this planet?”


The police whistled, the truck drove away, and they were all gone. The next truck came, and the next one and the next one… And in between, trucks were coming back from the slaughterhouse, all empty… My heart was burning. We always had only three little minutes to give them love, probably the first time in their lives they were loved by humans… The eyes of one particular pig broke my heart even more. She knew what would come. She knew it was over. She didn’t scream, she didn’t move.

Don’t look away

Look at her eyes, those blue eyes full of fear… Don’t you see someone instead of something? I see a wonderful innocent being who deserves to have a beautiful life. Not property, not a heap of sausages or bacon. No, just an Earthling, just like you and me. With a conscience, a heart, a soul. She is now dead. So please, if you read this, don’t look away, don’t forget she was alive.

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January 1, 2018


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