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Veganism is not a cult, not a diet and not a religion. Veganism is a lifestyle. It is based on the crazy idea that animals aren’t our property, that every being on this planet deserves to be alive and free. We think that the animals are there to live with the human species, not for.

Some people see a meat package in a supermarket or at the butcher and imagine the future delicious meal they’re going to cook with it. Meanwhile we see a previously living animal. A wonderful innocent being who was not born to be exploited and killed for the satisfaction of humans.

People nowadays are totally disconnected from what they buy and the origin of these products. This disconnection is why most parents are not proud to tell their young children that the meat they eat is from the same animal they loved at the last farm school trip. They wouldn’t show them the atrocities happening in the slaughterhouses, ever. They think kids shouldn’t see these kinds of bloody things. But they totally agree to give their kids the final products of these barbarities, without even explaining to them where this is coming from. They want them to be strong with all the nutritional intakes but don’t realize that meat is the best way to get cancers, diabetes, heart diseases, cholesterol and the whole package of creepy illnesses.

Some people see fish as thoughtless creatures unable to feel any pain. They love the taste of their flesh and even think they are healthy. Meanwhile we see incredibly clever and sensitive beings, who have been polluted by the sh*t humans throw in the oceans and in the air. Nuclear radiation included. Yum.

Some people see cheese and other milk products as a tasty gift of nature. They think they can get calcium for bone strength, protein for their muscles and all of that without harming any animal because they have an endless supply of milk.. Meanwhile we see the cows inseminated, aka raped, constantly so that they can produce milk the whole time. Their babies are stolen from them, female calves are going to be the same slaves as their mothers and the males are killed for the meat industry. We also see the drugs and hormones they get from the farmers are going straight to the milk in addition to the pus from their infected udders. Also we weirdly think that milk is for babies. Cow milk for calves, breast milk for human babies. But humans still decide to consume it as an adult, and thought it would be rational to take it from the mother of another specie. Logical.

Some people see eggs as a harmless and healthy magic ingredient coming out from a weird and dark part of the hen yes, but tasting so damn good in all possible ways. Most of these people even pay more money to declare proudly that they buy free range eggs. We see that hens in both intensive and free range farming practices mutilate each other while living in overcrowded barns and never see daylight. We see that the unneeded male chicks are shredded, alive. We see that the labels free range, certified organic, hormone free, cage free, high welfare etc are just a marketing strategy trying to give the consumer less guilt and to make them more money.

These are a few ethical and health reasons why we chose to totally cut animal products out of our lives.

We need to add that humans produce enough grain to feed the whole world but they decide to give all these resources to animals so they can produce dairy and eggs and be slaughtered for meat to then, finally, feed a part of the population. Agriculture is also responsible for 80 to 90% of water consumption. The production of one pound of beef for example needs 2,500 gallons of water. And we’re not even talking about the footprint of meat, dairy and eggs. Here is the impressive and clear list of facts and numbers from the brilliant documentary Cowspiracy. It speaks for itself.

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    Lewis Stevens

    January 15, 2018

    I totally agree with everything you’ve put above. I just wish more people would understand and see what the human race is doing 🙁 You girls are great and I love the site 🙂

    • Reply

      Zoë Wells

      January 15, 2018

      Thank you so much for your feedback Lewis!! Really really appreciate it 🙂 don’t lose hope, human race can be so disgusting but also so kind… things are changing, we won’t give up, right? Have an excellent day xx

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